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## Overview This OSF project contains: - Preregistration documentation - Task scripts and stimuli - Data - Analysis scripts ## Preregistration This project was pre-registered on OSF prior to commencement of data collection: All deviations from the pre-registered protocol will be described in the manuscript for this study. ## Task scripts and stimuli 3 computer based language tasks were used in this study. The Matlab scripts and stimuli used for these tasks can be found under the materials component of this OSF project. ## Data All (anonymised) data from the project can be found under the data component within this project page. This data includes: - Demographic information on sample, **Participant_Demographics.csv** - Behavioural data on fTCD task performance, **Behavioural data doppler.csv** - Analysed fTCD data giving laterality indices for each participant, **B1_fTCD_data.xlsx** - Data from 12 language assessment measures with coding of laterality group (consistent or inconsistent), **B1_data.csv** - Data from 12 language assessment measures with coding of diagnosis group (developmental disorder or control), **B1_data_diagnosis.csv** - LI values with coding of diagnosis and laterality groups, **LI data.csv** - Handedness laterality indices calculated from the Annett peg moving task, **Peg moving LIs.csv** - Individual trial LIs for each participant on each of the three tasks, **Individual trial LIs PD.csv**, **Individual trial LIs SD.csv**, and **Individual trial LIs SG.csv** ## Analysis scripts Three analysis scripts are available here: - The script used to preprocess the raw fTCD data and extract laterality index (LI) values, **B1_doppler_analysis_v4.R** - An R markdown script containing pre-registered and exploratory analyses as reported on in the manuscript, **B1_master_script.Rmd** - An R script for the original pre-registered analysis using the Hotelling's T-square test, **hotellings T2 and CIs v3 12 measures.R**