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# Home Welcome to the Gistr wiki! **TL;DR**: we want to investigate interpretation in particular contexts, and the effects it has at the global scale. How (linguistic) information is interpreted, that is, made sense of by people. To explore parts of that, we build an online chinese whispers game where people iteratively memorise and rewrite short pieces of text, in order to observe how those pieces of text are gradually transformed as they are transmitted. ### Software development Lives on GitHub, and I'm happy to converse in OSF comments, by email, or in GitHub issues! * All code is in the [dedicated organisation]( * [gistr-app]( (frontend) * [spreadr]( (backend) * [seeds]( * [analysis]( * The [Milestones]( detail the accomplished and planned software development ### Scientific development Lives right here in this wiki. Again, I'm happy to converse in comments or by email. * The [Whitepaper]( explains the questions, rationale and experiment planning * [Data]( explains what we collect, and [Analysis]( explains how we're going to use it. Each iteration leads to data brainstorm and data exploration: * Exp 1 data [brainstorm](, [exploration]( * [Seeds]( documents how we select or generate the initial sentences introduced in each iteration * [Cost]( details the budget computation for a single launch of the experiment * [Results]( gathers any positive or negative result encountered, to facilitate the recognition of actual interesting stuff
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