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This is a data repository for the raw and processed images used for a 3D Digital Tissue Atlas of *Arabidopsis thaliana*. This folder contains all files describing the 3D cellular anatomy of the **[Flower Petal][1]**. The abaxial and adaxial surfaces of the petal were imaged together but analysed separately. The TIFF stack of the petal corersponds to both sides, whose associated files are provided as two separate sets in this folder. The software MorphoGraphX was used to perform image analyses, and can be downloaded at the following URL : Files provided and their formats are as follows: Original confocal stack: .TIFF Cellular segmentation: .TIFF Tissue Mesh: .MGXM (MorphoGraphX format) Tissue Mesh: .OBJ (Wavefront format) Cellular connectivity network: .TXT (edge list using cell identity labels as node identifiers) Cell annotations are described in the README file together with the region used for topological analyses and mis-segmented cells. Cell annotation: .TXT (provided as integers and explained in the README file) Cell identity annotation: .CSV (corresponding cell labels are retained in the MorphoGraphX mesh file format and TIFF segmented stack) If you have any questions or requests please contact George Bassel: [1]:
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