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## **Literature** ## #### **This is a space for you to keep and organize literature related to your experiment or project.** #### Keeping literature with the rest of the work will be helpful for writing and for quick reference to documents you may be referring to or building off of.<br> There are a couple options for organizing literature here. - Keep articles as files within the OSF storage or third party storage service of your choice. - Attach a Mendeley or Zotero account folder to this component and compile your literature there. - Or you could always do both! The following steps will walk you through the process for attaching your citation manager account to this component: 1. Go to your profile settings and configure your account add-ons adding the citation manager account of your choice. 2. Create a folder in the account specifically for attaching to this component. 3. Go to the settings for this component and choose Select Add-ons. 4. Check the account of your choice and then follow the prompt below to initialize and connect your folder. For more detailed information about using the OSF interface or to ask further questions about using the template as a Lab Notebook, please contact us at <a href=""></a> <br> <br> Additionally OSF tutorials, instructions, and support contacts are available at <a href="">OSF Guides </a>.