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Description: In everyday language processing, sentence context affects how readers and listeners process upcoming words. In experimental situations, it can be useful to identify words that are predicted to greater or lesser degrees by the preceding context. Here we report completion norms for 3085 English sentences, collected online using a written cloze procedure in which participants were asked to provide their best guess for the word completing a sentence. Sentences varied between 8–10 words in length. At least 100 unique participants contributed to each sentence. All responses were reviewed by human raters to mitigate the influence of mis-spellings and typographical errors. The responses provide a range of predictability values for 13,438 unique target words, 6,790 of which appear in more than one sentence context. We also provide entropy values based on the relative predictability of multiple responses. Finally, we provide the code used to collate and organize the responses to facilitate additional analyses and future research projects.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

Has supplemental materials for Completion norms for 3085 English sentence contexts on PsyArXiv


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