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**Status:** This research plan is [being drafted]. [The official opinion can be found here]. If you have any concerns, please raise them first to the investigators: [Enter investigator names and contact information] **Table of Contents:** - Protocol (manuscript intro and methods, as would be submitted for a [registered report][2]) - Materials (questionnaire/media/etc) - Exemption from review - Ethical considerations - Consent form - Advertisement - Grant application - List of sponsors, collaborators, and/or publishers ---------- *Dear Investigators:* You have requested an independent opinion regarding the ethics of your proposed research. By filling out this Open Science Framework (OSF) project: - You place your additions under the CC-By Attribution 4.0 International license - You agree to follow the procedures of this Committee - You acknowledge that the Committee is not legally responsible for your research. You indemnify the Committee and its members from any claims arising from their work as Committee members - You agree to report any unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others to the Committee - You agree to submit amendments to the Committee, rather than deviate from a reviewed research plan, except when necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to subjects - You acknowledge that the Committee (or others) may report you to your community, sponsors, collaborators, and/or publishers if you conduct the research contrary to the opinion of the Committee or continue to conduct research when the opinion is suspended or terminated This OSF project is your application for an opinion. Some of its elements may be files which are already published in a permanent form and openly accessible on the Internet, such as previous studies being replicated or which provide evidence of safety. Rather than copy those files into this project, simply add a hyperlink to them. All other elements of this application must be copied into this project to be published as part of the Committee opinion. If any element should be kept private, put it in the "Private Information" component of this project. For example, if the target sample is so specific that anyone who is aware of the target sample will know exactly who participated, then you should protect the privacy of your subjects by mentioning that target only in the "Private Information" component. This project contains a number of templates. Leave the "Committee Opinion" template for the Committee to use, delete templates inapplicable to this case, and fill-out the rest. Link all files to the Table of Contents immediately below your names above. Notify the Chair of the Committee when this application is complete. [1]: [2]: