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This repository contains data, code, and stimuli for the manuscript "Scene meaningfulness guides eye movements even during mind-wandering". # `analysis` folder Contains code (Python and R) for producing the results reported in the paper. The Python code (.ipynb files) does a series of pre-processing steps, including reading meaning and salience maps, generating fixation density maps, and computing squared linear and semipartial correlations, etc. The output files are saved in the `output` folder (fixation density maps are saved in the `model` folder). The R files read the files generated from the .ipynb files and conduct statistical analysis and graphing. The output files are also saved in the `output` folder. Also, `main` means those are the files for the main study. `kra` means those are the files for the re-analysis of Krasich et al. (2020). Matlab code for generating the meaning maps are stored here: # `data` folder Contains necessary data files. Should be self-exploratory. # `manuscript` folder The rmarkdown of our paper and associated files. # `models` folder Contains GBVS salience maps, meaning maps, and fixation density maps. Note that salience, meaning, and fixation maps for Krasich et al. (2020) are available upon request. Also note that, for convenience, I uploaded the density maps for temporal analysis as a zip file. You need to unzip it and put it under the same directory (e.g.. /MW Density/temporal/1) to run the code. # `output` folder Contains all output files from the Python and R codes. These are read by the rmarkdown file to render tables and figures etc. # `stimuli` folder Stimuli used for the main study.