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This component contains two subfolders: - **Date-separated and unprocessed**. This folder contains raw data that is separated by month, which is stored in the *unprocessed data* folder. `data pre-processing.Rmd` takes the month-separated data in *unprocessed data* and transforms it into processed datasets, which are stored in the *Processed* folder, described next. - **Processed**. This folder contains the data transformed by `data pre-processing.Rmd` and the scripts to analyze it. There are two processed datasets: `data_wide_exclusion_12.23.2020.csv`, which excludes cases based on our preregistered criteria, and `data_wide_no_exclusion_12.23.2020.csv`. This component also contains `Hofstede_culture dimensions_2015-08-16.xls`, ratings by country from 2015 12 08), which are used as part of our exploratory analyses. Note that the *Date-separated and unprocessed* folder contains an **old version** of the unprocessed dataset that is date-separated, which we maintain on this page to allow for computational reproducibility. An up-to-date raw dataset for this project is stored on the main PSACR data component at; the file is named `processed_data/`.