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MAnuscript is under reveiw. Colin Brislawn is the informatics point of contact. Suggested title: ## Genetic and metabolic links between the murine microbiome and memory 16S data - 16S_data_main_cohort: the main cohort in the study with a large number of mice, from different Collaborative Cross strains, housed in different cages. - 16S_data_lacto_validation: the secondary, smaller cohort in which we use the same data analysis technique to validate that the correct strains Lactobacillus are in each cohort of mice, and outside microbes have not been introduced. Each folder contains a .tar file of all the demultiplexed fastq files from the Illumina MiSeq, which can be used as the input to [Hundo 💯]( Metabolomics data - GC-MS data for metabolomics study. Mouse fecal pellet, brain tissue, and blood data.