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<p>@<a href="Registry for Research on the Responsible Conduct of Research" rel="nofollow">toc</a></p> <h1>Steps to adding a project to the Registry #</h1> <ol> <li>Fork/duplicate this project. (Instructions <a href="http://help.osf.io/m/links_forks/l/835698-fork-a-project" rel="nofollow">here</a>) </li> <li>Add contributors to your newly forked project (Instructions <a href="http://help.osf.io/m/projects/l/482001-add-contributors-to-projects-and-components" rel="nofollow">here</a>). </li> <li>Enter your research plan into the wiki (instructions <a href="http://help.osf.io/m/collaborating/l/524109-using-the-wiki" rel="nofollow">here</a>), or uploading a document (instructions <a href="http://help.osf.io/m/projectfiles/l/482002-upload-files" rel="nofollow">here</a>) that describes you plan. </li> <li>Register your project using the "OSF Standard Pre-Data Collection form." (Instructions <a href="http://help.osf.io/m/registrations/l/524205-register-your-project" rel="nofollow">here</a>)</li> </ol> <p>For information about the Amsterdam Agenda, please contact Nicholas Steneck (nsteneck@umich.edu). For support using the OSF, please see <a href="https://osf.io/support" rel="nofollow">https://osf.io/support</a></p> <h1>Six-part framework for registration</h1> <p><em>Describe each of the following six elements of your research plan.</em></p> <ol> <li>Problem</li> </ol> <p><em>The particular shortcomings addressed by the study, such as selective reporting, poor mentoring or inadequate quality assurance.</em></p> <ol> <li>Impact</li> </ol> <p><em>An estimation of the relative impact of the shortcomings on the reliability of research, on trust in the research enterprise, on the responsible use of research funds and on other relevant measures of responsible research.</em></p> <ol> <li>Intervention</li> </ol> <p><em>The specific way(s) the shortcomings will be addressed, such as through training, outcomes assessment, quality checks, or reinforcements that encourage responsible behavior.</em></p> <ol> <li>Hypothesis or Anticipated Outcome</li> </ol> <p><em>The changes expected as a result of the intervention.</em></p> <ol> <li>Assessment</li> </ol> <p><em>How the outcomes will be assessed.</em></p> <ol> <li>Data sharing</li> </ol> <p><em>How data (quantitative and qualitative) will be shared.</em></p>
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