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This template is modified from Kern, Florian & Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian. (2017). Exploring Pre-registration and Pre-analysis Plans for Qualitative Inference. 10.13140/RG.2.2.14428.69769. @[toc] ### General information ### - Project title: - Authors and Affiliations: - Contact details: - Abstract and research question(s): - Project start date: - Estimated project end date: - Should this study be gated? - If yes, until when? - Has this research received approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or ethical board? - If yes, please name date and institution of approval: ### Research design specifics ### - Please describe the data generating process of the study: - Please describe the unit of analysis of the study: - Is this project hypothesis-testing or hypothesis-generating (or both)? - If hypothesis-testing, please name and describe the hypotheses below: - If hypothesis-testing, please describe the methodology you employ for the test: - If hypothesis-generating, please name and describe possible outcome hypotheses: - If hypothesis-generating, please describe the methodology you employ to generate hypotheses: - Please define and describe the outcome variable or concept in your hypotheses: - Please define and describe the independent variables or concepts in your hypotheses: - Does this project involve fieldwork? - If yes, where? - Does this project involve archival work? - If yes, where? - If yes, what are the archival sources you will use? - Does this project involve interviews or focus groups? - If yes, please describe the target population: - If yes, what is the targeted sample size? - If yes, please describe the sampling strategy? - If yes, please attach a sample questionnaire or sample guidelines: - If yes, please attach a copy of your subjects’ informed consent form - Does this project involve causal process tracing? - If yes, please describe possible outcome causal processes: - Does this project involve case studies? - If yes, please describe the selection process and criteria for your cases: ### Analysis ### - Please describe the analytical tools you use for this project: - Does this project involve computer assisted qualitative data analysis? - If yes, what software package do you use? - If yes, what are the analytical categories and codes used for the analysis? - Does this project involve active citation? - If yes, give a specific example for how you employ active citation - If yes, is this project registered with the Qualitative Data Repository? - Does this project involve sensitive data you cannot share? - If yes, please describe the nature of this data and why you cannot share it: - Do you use any other kind of methodology in your study? (quantitative data, experiments, etc.) - If yes, please specify. ### Logistics ### - Please define stages in the research process at which you would like to update your registered design: - If applicable, please name the policy organizations collaborating with you on the project: - If applicable, please name the source of funding for your project: - If applicable, please detail the research budget of your project: - Please indicate the type and number of outputs and publications planned for this project: - Please provide any additional comments on the registration of your research project: - Please provide any other supporting documents: ### Certification ### - I hereby register my research project and supplementary materials. I confirm that I own the rights to release these materials into the public domain
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