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This project contains the files necessary to replicate the results in our paper on cognitive ability and prejudice. - Submited version of the paper ([.pdf]( - Supplemental Materials Mentioned in the Paper ([.pdf]( - The data/syntax are also archived [here][1]. ---------- # Data - Data from the 2012 ANES Time Series Study can be downloaded [here]( - Individual level data of the ratings of target group characteristics ([.sav]( - Aggregate data of the target group ratings and correlations between cognitive ability and prejudice ([.xlxs]( - Transposed data for ICC ([.sav]( - Summary data for making the point plot ([.xlxs]( ---------- # Syntax - SPSS syntax for use with the ANES time series data ([.sps]( & [.txt]( - SPSS syntax for aggregating group characteristics and ICC ([.sps]( & [.txt]( - SPSS syntax for group characteristic analsyes ([.sps]( & [.txt]( - R syntax for the forest plot ([.R]( - R syntax for the line and point plots ([.R]( - R syntax for the correlation grid ([.R]( ---------- # Some of the Figures **Figure 1** ![enter image description here][2] **Figure 2** ![enter image description here][3] [1]:;jsessionid=a79621715478eaa2e51fb80223d8?globalId=hdl:10411/20804 [2]: [3]: