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This is the project page associated with the Jackson and colleagues paper "From text to thought: How analyzing language can advance psychological science." Here we present more resources to help understand comparative linguistics and natural language processing. Each folder contains: **- Neural Net Figure:** A visualization and description of a neural network associated with classification of president speeches. **- Bibliometric Analysis and Code:** The materials that we used to conduct our Bibliometric analysis of which methods are most frequently published by the same researchers. **- Comparative Linguistics Resources:** A folder containing two tutorials. (a) A tutorial in Python of how you can build colexification networks. (b) A tutorial in R about how to analyze phylogenetic trees to detect patterns of cultural evolution. **- Natural language processing resources:** A five-part tutorial that explains how to (a) acquire large corpus data from online repositories, (b) how to preprocess data so that it's ready for analysis, (c) doing sentiment analysis with VADER, (d) doing word embeddings analysis using GloVe, and (e) conducting topic modeling. Please contact Joshua Conrad Jackson at with any questions if you have difficult accessing or using the resources on this page.
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