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This presentation will describe how the Phonak BRIDGE to clinical care model offers audiological best practice in a blended mix of real-time appointments and digitally-guided interactions to provide individualized hearing healthcare via eAudiology. While the BRIDGE is useful for navigating the pandemic, its incorporation can add value for future patient care models. The COVID-19 crisis was a catalyst that pushed teleaudiology to the forefront of our industry in 2020, making at least three key points become clear: 1) Today's consumers want Digital solutions. Hearing healthcare became essential during lockdowns, and consumers were searching for new ways to have their communication needs met. 2) The onset of the pandemic found our industry as a whole unprepared, at least in comparison to other health disciplines. 3) Best practice recommendations, guidelines, and resources are necessary for hearing care professionals to continue delivering quality hearing care while protecting their overall safety and that of their clients. Using eAudiology means that hearing care professionals can be proactive in finding the right solutions for the individual needs of clients by integrating the latest technologies and re-evaluating traditional service delivery. Clients can benefit from increased flexibility and improved access and eAudiology allows businesses to differentiate themselves while elevating the value of audiology services through quality customized care, convenience, and client satisfaction.