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Abstract: It is a norm among evangelical churches in Nigeria to have hours of great musical performances before the gospel minister mounts the pulpit to deliver the gospel in church programs like a retreat, camp-meeting, or select monthly programs which attract mammoth crowds. This study, through a structured questionnaire, interview, and participant observation methods, finds out; the congregant's perception of these long hours of musical performance before the sermon. ii. The influence of music on the congregant's expectations of promised breakthroughs and deliverances. iii. The perception of music as an entertainment-oriented or part of the gospel preached before the sermon. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM) Lagos, Nigeria, was used as a primary source of data collection. The findings revealed that 57.8% of these congregants get bored during the mammoth musical performances and assert that music is not what attracts them to the programs. The study found out that a large number of congregants do not pay much attention to musical performances. The congregants await when the minister would mount the pulpit to pray for them for heaven to meet their expectations and heart desires—thereby negating the essence of the music, which is meant to touch their souls and even transform their lives. The congregants desired that musical performance should be somewhat brief since their main focus in the program is instead 'prayer' to meet their various needs. The study recommends that the focus group discussions be adopted as a research method of data collection to get feedback from time to time between the leadership of the church and the congregants. *Keywords: Congregants, Perception, Music and Entertainment*