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Description: Video games are engaging multimedia experiences that require players’ cognitive, emotional, physical (in terms of controllers and exertion), and social faculties. Recent theorizing has suggested that these dimensions of demand can explain processes by which players engage with and respond to gameplay. A relatively new measure--the five-factor, 26-item Video Game Demand Scale (VGDS)--has been tested for dimensionality and measurement validity with English- and German-speaking players, but not for other play populations. Given the popularity of video games among Chinese-speaking players, this brief report demonstrates a successful translation of VGDS into Traditional Chinese (VGDS-C). A sample of N = 863 Chinese speakers in Taiwan were asked to recall and describe a recent gaming experience before completing the VGDS-C along with other gaming-related measures (tests of construct validity). VGDS-C was shown to be a reliable and valid way of assessing players’ perceptions of the myriad demands of video gaming.

License: CC0 1.0 Universal


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German-language translation of the Video Game Demand Scale

Project files for the German-language translation of the Video Game Demand Scale

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Video Game Demand Scale (English Language)

Supplemental analysis and data files to accompany the manuscript, "Development of a Video Game Demand Scale" (Routledge, 2018). Full citation: Bowman,...

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