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This OSF page is dedicated to a research project on wellbeing, self-oriented and prosocial behaviour among adolescents and students in Rotterdam during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis. This project consists of two major components: 1) a sub-project focusing on EUR (Erasmus University Rotterdam) students and 2) a sub-project focusing on adolescents living in the Rotterdam area. For both projects, participants were asked to report on their wellbeing, experiences and behaviors during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis on Mondays - Fridays, for two consecutive weeks (i.e., in the form of daily diaries). The larger project is expected to result in several research articles, that all answer different research questions. In these articles, research questions will be answered for the students and adolescents separately. On this OSF page, you can find the following documents: 1) the raw questionnaires as presented to the participants. Note that questionnaires were presented in Dutch to all adolescents, and that students could fill questionnaires in either Dutch or English (see files). 2) A detailed description of the questionnaires including translations to English and references (see files). 3) Pre-registrations for the articles (see linked components).