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Before this session, please: * Install [faux]( in R `devtools::install_github("debruine/faux")` * Install `tidyverse`, `lme4`, `afex`, `broom`, `broom.mixed`, `kableExtra` and `GGally` (from CRAN) * Look over the lessons [Simulating Data]( and [Simulating Mixed Effects]( * Download the files for these lessons - [01_sim_intro_code.Rmd]( (intro with code & exercises with answers) - [01_sim_intro_stub.Rmd]( (intro without code & exercises) - [03_sim_data_code.Rmd]( (lesson 1 framework with code) - [03_sim_data_stub.Rmd]( (lesson 1 framework without code) - [04_sim_lmer_code.Rmd]( (lesson 2 framework with code) - [04_sim_lmer_stub.Rmd]( (lesson 2 framework without code) In the lessons, we'll be using tidyverse functions and pipes. Have a look at my [pipes tutorial]( if you've never used pipes and want a quick intro. Optional: * Download the [app]( folder * Install `shiny`, `shinyjs`, and `shinydashboard` ### Resources * [Data Skills for Reproducible Science]( open source textbook introducing tidyverse for psychologists * [Understanding mixed effects models through data simulation]( (preprint, code, and shiny apps)