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# Our team ![Seven members of OPeRA, from left to right: Georgia Richards, Aidan Cashin, Elaine Toomey, Hopin Lee, Matthew Bagg, Ian Skinner, Matthew Jones][1] We are a group of early-mid career health and medical researchers, scientists, professionals, and practitioners, based in Australia, Ireland, and the UK. From left to right: [Georgia Richards][2], [Aidan Cashin][3], [Elaine Toomey][4], [Hopin Lee][5], [Matthew Bagg][6], [Ian Skinner][7], [Matthew Jones][8]. You can read about us individually [here][9]. ---------- # Our mission We are a grassroots network that works openly, transparently and collaboratively to generate knowledge and proactively advocate for open science to improve the evidence ecosystem. Our three pillars, include: 1. Knowledge creation 2. Proactive advocacy 3. Impact ---------- # 1: Knowledge creation Since we started OPeRA in 2018, we have worked collaboratively to conduct and published **14** evaluations, reviews, methods articles and blogs, as summarised below. Reference | Project | ---------|-------| [Lee et al. 2018][10] *PAIN* | Topical review on reproducible and replicable **pain research** | [Cashin et al. 2019][11] *BMJ EBM* | Cross-sectional evaluation of **pain journals** open science policies | [Richards et al. 2020][12] *BMJ EBM Spotlight* | Blog on the open science policies of **pain journals** | [Bradley et al. 2020][13] *JRSM* | Critical overview of biases in **medical research** | [Hansford et al. 2021][14] *Arthroscopy* | Cross-sectional evaluation of **sport science journals** open science policies | [Cashin et al. 2021][15] *BMJ EBM* | Methods article on the registration of **health and medical research** | [Lee et al. 2021][16] *JAMA* | Development of a **reporting guideline** for mediation analysis of randomized trials - the AGReMA statement | [Gardener et al. 2022][17] *JRSM Open* | Evaluation of **medical and health sciences journals** open science policies before and during the COVID-19 pandemic | [Hansford et al. 2022][18] *Sports Medicine Open* | Feasibility of an audit and feedback intervention to promote transparency and openness in **sport science research** | [Hansford et al. 2022][19] *Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy* | Editorial on the openness and transparency of **sport science research** and role of journals | [Norris et al. 2022][20] *Psychology & Health* | Delphi exercise of open science research priorities in **health psychology** | [Bradley et al. 2022][21] *BJGP* | Letter on the lessons learned from promoting Registered Reports for **health and medical journals** | [DeVito et al. 2022][22] *BMJ EBM* | Methods article on sharing study materials in **health and medical research** | [Parsons et al. 2022][23] *Nature human behaviour* | Contributions to the **glossary of open scholarship terms** | ---------- # 2: Advocacy We proactively speak and teach open science, as summarised below. Event | Location & dates | Presentation | ---------|-----------|-----------| SPRING | Sydney, Australia; *2019* | Presentation | ResBaz | Sydney, Australia; *10-12 Sep 2019* | Presentation by Matthew Bagg and Aidan Cashin, [Take Up TOP!][24] | Pint of Science | Oxford, *23 Oct 2019* | Georgia Richards was an invited panelist for the '[Clinical trial transparency - let's talk][25]' discussion for Open Access week | AIMOS 2019 | Melbourne, Australia; *7-8 Nov 2019* | Poster presentation by Aidan Cashin, [Take Up TOP!][26] | RROx launch | Oxford, UK; *Jan 2020* | Presentation by Georgia Richards on the work of OPeRA | Hackathon | Online, *27 Apr 2021* | Citizen science event led by Georgia Richards in collaboration with COS [to promote and educate journals of registered reports][27] | Workshop EBHC Summer School | *11 July 2022* | Georgia Richards led a workshop on Open Science Research Practices for students enrolled in the Evidence-Based Healthcare programmes (i.e. MSc & DPhil) at the Univeristy of Oxford Cochrane PaPaS: Trust, Integrity and the Future of Pain Evidence | London, UK' *7 Dec 2022* | Keynote presentation by Georgia Richards, [Opening up pain science][28] | CEBM Seminar Series: Major challenges in EBM, a history and philosophy | Oxford, UK; *25 Jan 2023* | Presentation by Georgia Richards, Opening the 'E' in EBM | ---------- # 3: Impact * Our methods have been replicated to examine the transparency and openness policies of sleep ([Spitschan et al. 2021)][29] and dental ([Raittio et al. 2022][30]) journals * The *Journal of Physiotherapy* and *PAIN* updated their openness and transparency policies following consultations with our team ---------- # Current projects Num | Project | Scope | Status | --|---------|-------|--------- 1 | Feasibility evaluation of interventions to change journal policies to mandate or encourage transparency and openness of sports science research | Sports science journals | Protocol development 2 | COS-led initiative to evaluate journal policies and advocate for open science practices | All fields | Contributing 3 | A randomised controlled trial that tests an intervention to change journal policies to mandate or encourage transparency and openness of pain research | Health research | Protocol development 4 | An audit of institutional policies that support open science practices in hiring, promotion, tenure and general conduct | All fields | Protocol development [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]:
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