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Committee Procedures -------------------- Great research requires trust. The process for earning trust includes planning one’s research, seeking trustworthy independent review of those plans, providing reviewers with all information needed to intelligently revise opinions as events unfold, and empowering reviewers to inform one’s community, sponsors, collaborators and publishers if research proceeds contrary to their opinion. The Committee needs no further authority than investigators’ need for trust. The Committee establishes its own trustworthiness by recruiting members who care about the community, following written procedures, transparently displaying its procedures and work through the [Open Science Framework][1] (OSF), and registering with the [Office of Human Research Protections][2] (OHRP). Anyone aware of opportunities to improve the procedures of the Committee, or its compliance with its procedures, should please share that insight with the Committee members (contact information can be found on the front page of the Committee website). If the members are unresponsive to a complaint, the complaint can be [raised to the OHRP][3] and/or to the general community. There is always merit in independent opinion, but the opinion of this Committee could inaccurately reflect moral truth and/or the moral sensibilities of the community. The investigators are ultimately responsible for their own actions, to review the work of the Committee, and to seek review from other individual(s)/committee(s) if appropriate. Committees that publish contrary opinions are expected to explain their discrepancy so that investigators can judge their work intelligently. A printable document containing the full set of procedures can be found at [][4] The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published a checklist of properties recommended in written procedures. A document analyzing these procedures using that checklist can be found at [][5] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: