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This study draws on data from three previous investigations. The original code and data for those studies are available here as linked components. See below for a description of the data/code specific to this study: * /Neural, textual, and ratings analyses * ad_dims.csv - ratings of mental states on trait likeness, duration, and trait-diagnosticity * alphamask.nii - binary 3D image mask indicating which voxels were included in the present analysis. Originally from the "theories of person perception..." linked study. * avgpats_msclass.csv - average mental state patterns from the Person Study * avgtrans.csv - ratings of how often each famous person from the Person Study experienced each of the 60 states in State Study 2 * avgtrans45 - ratings of how often each famous person experienced each of the 45 states in State Study 1 but not State Study 2 * dimensions.csv - ratings of the famous people on trait dimensions * holdists.csv - estimates of the (dis)similarity between famous people, based on human ratings and text analysis * /ms_smoothed * s0XX_msadapt.csv - patterns of brain activity within the feature selected areas from each participant in State Study 2, for each mental state in that study * pc60.csv - PCA scores for the 60 mental states on three dimensions of mental state representation from State Study 1 * /per_pats * sXX_pats.csv - files containing patterns of brain activity for each famous person from the Person Study, for each participant in that study * states_scenarios15.csv - contains the states present in State Study 2 * summed-state.R - primary analysis script for summed state analysis and all RSAs except the analysis of data * /Similarity choice task * analyze_msb_pdim.csv - script for analyzing behavioral choices and reaction times in data. this script also requires files in the "Neural, textual, and ratings analyses" * msb_pdim_data.csv - data from