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The lab-internal label for this project is "EventsRev". This OSF project page contains: - Picture stimuli for the 2 experiments (under "Stimuli") - Sentence stimuli and information on dividing stimuli into lists (in "EventsRev_materials.csv" under "Stimuli") - fMRI results from Experiment 1 (under "Data"; the data were preprocessed with SPM; the ROI analysis were conducted using the spm_ss toolbox,; raw data available upon request) - Behavioral results from Experiment 2 (under "Data") - Behavioral data from fMRI participants (under "Data"; note that some of the accuracy data was recorded incorrectly - see analysis code for details) - Analysis code (for statistical analyses and plots) in R Markdown files (under "Analyses") - Additional details about the fMRI experiment ("fMRI_experiment_description.rtf") - Psychtoolbox code used to present the stimuli during Experiment 1 (under "Presentation code") - Language and multiple demand parcels used to define functional regions of interest within each participant (under "Predefined parcels and activation maps") - Probabilistic language activation map based on data from 220 neurotypical individuals (under "Predefined parcels and activation maps"; used for a visual comparison between putative language regions and the lesion location in one of the participants with aphasia)
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