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The Mental health-related barriers and benefits to EXercise (MEX) Scale ======================================================================= Benefits ------- ## | Benefit Items |Strongly Disagree| Disagree | Agree| Strongly Agree | -------------- | ------ | ----------- | -----------| ----------- | Exercise helps me to have a positive outlook on life | Exercise makes me feel more self-confident | |Exercising gives me more energy| |Exercise helps me to manage my stress| |Exercise benefits my mental health |Exercise helps me to feel less angry or irritable |After exercising, I notice a decrease in my general level of worry and concern |Regular exercise makes feel me more mentally alert |Exercise helps me to feel motivated again |Exercise gives me an instant mood increase |Exercise makes me feel more energetic |Exercise helps me to cope with life's stresses |Exercise helps me manage my mood |Exercising changes my attitude |Exercise gives me a long term mood increase Barriers ---------- | Barrier Items |Strongly Disagree| Disagree | Agree| Strongly Agree | -------------- | ------ | ----------- | -----------| ----------- | I'm too shy or embarrassed to start exercising |I feel self-conscious about exercising |I'm worried exercise will hurt |I'm not confident in my ability to exercise |Mental exhaustion stops me from exercising |I worry that I would not be very good at exercising |Exercising can trigger feelings of anxiety for me |I feel embarrassed if people see me exercising |Some days I can't get out of bed, let alone exercise |I don't want to exercise because I don’t like how my body looks |I don't want to exercise when I am angry, or in a bad mood |I worry about what other people think of me exercising |My exercise or fitness goals seem too hard to achieve |I've failed to achieve too many exercise goals in the past |I'm scared of losing my breath while exercising
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