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### STRAEQ-2 collaboration homepage Click "[Read More][1]" for more info. This page will be regularly updated as a one-stop source to remind about information/deadlines/tasks. I will also email major updates. Always feel free to email me (Olivier) with questions ( In this project, we aim to develop a scale on (social) thermoregulation, risk and risk distribution, and food and food sharing. We now have completed a item generation phase, a pilot test, and have collected the first 1000 participants. To be part of the project, a lab should collect at least 100 participants. However, researchers can become part of the project in other capacity (e.g., translator, analysis team) and if one is part of the project, one can claim projects that can be completed as long as they are a different goal than the main project. Below more detailed information. To read the **project Proposal:** see [here][1]. To read about the **STRAEQ-2 item generation and selection phase** see [here][2]. To read the distribution of the 120 selected STRAEQ-2 items of the **pilot Study:** see [here][3]. If you still want to join: #### Current tasks: 1. [Ensure you are added to the Google Group][4]. This will serve as a collaboration-wide communication tool (basically a listserv, with an archive). Ensure you are signed up here so you receive email updates (you should already be added, but we may miss people). 2. [Ensure you are listed on our list of collaborators][5]. 3. [IRB Submission][6]. In order to collect data for the project you must provide us with an IRB approval or [proof of exemption][7]. If IRB is mandatory in your country, we will need approval. To facilitate this process, we prepared an [IRB submission pack][8]. For most sites, just small adjustments to our IRB pack are necessary for submission. We hope that minimizes the workload for you. The actions we now ask you to take are: - To adapt our IRB pack to your situation. - To submit the IRB proposal at your site. - To upload your IRB approval on the OSF page of the project. - To update our [project tracker][5]. 4. [Procedure to obtain your personal Qualtrics link][9] of the survey to distribute at your site. We already have a template of the survey implemented in Qualtrics (you will not have to create a survey in Qualtrics by yourself) you will have to edit your own copy of the template with your own information. Once the translation process for your language is finished or if you collect data in English, you will need to do the following from [this document][10]: - Step 1: “Create a file for your site” - Step 2: “Edit the researcher information in your file” - Step 3: “Edit the compensation plan in your file” - Update that you have completed these steps in [our tracker][5] and send me an email that you are ready to receive your link. #### General Information - Authorship order This is not set-in-stone yet, but currently envisioned as: 1. Olivier Dujols (lead team - Tier 1) 2. Richard Klein (lead team - Tier 1) 3. <Tier 2 - advisory committee, data collection teams that also translate or help with scale development - in randomized order> 4. <Tier 3 - data collection only - in randomized order> 5. Hans IJzerman (lead team - Tier 1) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: