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# Introduction to Markdown & LaTeX Attendees will learn how to create aesthetically pleasing documents for publication on the web or in print. The workshop focuses on two popular markup languages, Markdown and LaTeX, as well the similarities, differences, and pain points associated with each. Participants will also learn how Markdown and LaTeX can be integrated into reproducible reports using R. Learning Objectives: • Understand the uses, pros, and cons to Markdown versus LateX • Create a basic markdown document and compile it into an html page • Understand the structure of a LaTeX document • Create an article style LaTeX document from a template • Identify software that can be used with Markdown & LaTeX ## Requirements * Please bring a laptop to this workshop. Before you attend, install the following: - Install TeX (can take a while) Mac - use MacTeX: PC - use MiKTeX: Linux - use TeX Live: * Install Atom text editor: Once you have installed both of the above, you will need to install the atom-latex package in the Atom Text Editor. In Atom: Packages → Settings View → Install Packages/Themes This will open a new window or tab In the "search packages" bar, type "atom-latex" Click enter to search Install atom-latex package