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<p>Materials are available for download in the Files section.</p> <p>A note from Dr. Pleskac: "Note that the subjects I recruited were NOT from a psychology undergraduate pool. I recruited people from around the University of Maryland community. This is important because in my experience if you recruit participants from an undergraduate pool you will get a substantial restriction of range on self-reported drug use (because most 18 to 19 year olds haven’t done all that many drugs).</p> <p>I have moved the experimental files to a dropbox folder. Please remember that all of these materials were created in 2003 and it is becoming harder to make sure all this code continues to work. I think everything works (see below for more details). </p> <p>Here is the link: <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2nx6751izv0oum/AAAoEyeppjCBwfZsm8KxzXXha" rel="nofollow">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2nx6751izv0oum/AAAoEyeppjCBwfZsm8KxzXXha</a></p> <p>The drop box folder has the following items:</p> <p>-intro.doc: the instructions I gave participants after they signed consent -IRB_Initial_29OCT03.doc: this is the form I filled out for my study. It contains the procedures I used for recruiting participants, the consent form I originally submitted, and the scales that I used. -FishingExperiment - Is a directory containing the programs I used for data collection. The main files are as follows:</p> <p>-GoneFishing.jar - the ART program -DOPERT.jar - runs the program to collect responses to DOSPERT (note it reads the questions from the info/risk.txt) -RiskySubstance.jar - runs the program to collect the responses to the polysubstance scale. (note it reads the questions from info/risk_ques.txt)</p> <p>To run these 3 files copy the FishingExperiment directory to a local drive and double click the .jar files. They draw information from from the info, images, data, and banking directories so those directories have to be in the same directory as the .jar file. The .jar files are Java experiments witten for Java 2. They still appear to work with the latest version of Java. </p> <p>To run the experiment, I wrote a master experiment Java program called FishingExpAdmin.jar. This program was used in the experiment to start and close each of the individual tasks people completed. It randomizes the order of the ART sessions, the order of the questions. The randomization is described in Pleskac (2008). I can no longer confirm that this file works as it requires a PC and I don’t use PCs anymore. It was run on machines using Windows2000, but I think it will work on WindowsXP. Anything beyond that I do not know. </p> <p>All the data are written to the files in the data directory. The instructions and settings are in the info directory."</p> <p>A link for the analog risk task program from prior interested replicator, Jeremy Gray: <a href="http://graymatter.psy.msu.edu/wiki/_media/artexp.zip" rel="nofollow">http://graymatter.psy.msu.edu/wiki/_media/artexp.zip</a></p>
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