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# Twitter in the News: An analysis of embedded tweets in political news coverage ### *Anonymized* ## Replication materials The data and code provided here enable the replication of the paper ***Twitter in the News: An analysis of embedded tweets in political news coverage***. The archive contains data, R and SPSS scripts. ## R and SPSS scripts | script | description| |---|--| | `Analysis.R` | R script that reproduces all analyses and Figure 1 in the paper. | | `DATA Twitter in the News.sav` | SPSS data file that contains data on all the tweets embedded in news articles. The data file is read into the R and SPSS scripts where appropriate. | `DATA twitt without tweet.sav` | SPSS data file that contains data on tweets that were referenced in news articles (e.g., cited, paraphrased) without embedding the original tweet. The data complements results displayed in table 2. | `SPSS SYNTAX Twitter in the News.sps` | SPSS script that contains syntax for reproducing tables and running regressions. | ## Appendix | name | description| |---|--| | `Figure 1` | Displays the distribution of the dependent variable; i.e. the frequency of embedding an individual tweet in news articles in the investigation period|
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