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**Purpose** The current project expanded the assessment of the bilingual population through online testing over the Internet. We explored the auditory processing mechanism in Spanish-English bilingual sand English monolinguals in both older (60+y.o.) and younger (18-39 y.o.) groups. **Summary of the methods** Participants completed a total of 10 online audio tests consisting of three tests of spectro-temporal pattern processing, and seven tests that examined speech intelligibility and comprehension in quiet and in noise. The speech perception tests included three tests of speech in quiet (two tests of vowel and consonant identification and a test of words in sentences spoken by multiple talkers with different regional dialects) and four tests of speech perception in noise (two tests of speech intelligibility and two tests of speech comprehension). The tests were adapted from the online Basic Auditory Skills Evaluation (BASE) battery (Shafiroet al., 2020) ***Check out our poster for the results!***