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**Data Wrangling in R - Advanced R** Often the most difficult part of analyzing data is cleaning your data to prepare for analysis. This workshop will introduce you to the dplyr package designed to make subsetting, sorting, summarizing, and cleaning your dataset easily in R. You will learn functions for each of these steps, as well as how to chain multiple functions into a single step that is readable and reproducible. While this workshop is open to participants from all disciplines, examples and data will be focused on the social sciences. **You will learn how to:** - Subset a dataset to select the column/variables you need - Filter rows of the dataset to include only certain cases - Sort data by values in a column/variable - Chain together multiple R functions in a single command - Group and summarize data using descriptive statistics **To be successful, you should:** - Be familiar with data used in the social sciences - Be comfortable creating a script in R, setting the working directory, importing a dataset, and loading a package (topics covered in our Introduction to R workshop) - Have a laptop you can bring to the workshop, with R ( and RStudio ( installed. 3/8/2019