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This project contains data, analysis scripts, and survey materials for each study in the paper, "People are more tolerant of inequality when it is expressed in terms of individuals rather than groups at the top" (Walker, Tepper, & Gilovich, 2021). It also contains materials for replications of studies 3-5. Each numbered study in the paper has its own folder in the project, containing an anonymized data file (e.g., "StudyX.csv") and a Qualtrics file for the survey (e.g., "StudyX.qsf"). To view the survey materials on Qualtrics, follow [these instructions][1] for importing a .qsf file. To reproduce the analyses, first download the .csv file for each study in its corresponding folder and save them to a folder on your device. Then, open the "R Code" folder and download the "Analysis.R" file. Further instructions for reproducing the analyses can be found in the R script itself. [1]: