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## Repository for "Developmental trajectories in the understanding of everyday uncertainty terms" This repository contains the data, code, and analyses for the paper "Developmental trajectories in the understanding of everyday uncertainty terms" (Meder, Mayrhofer, & Ruggeri, 2021, *Topics in Cognitive Science*). ![Example trials][1] ### A: Data * The behavioral data of all participants is located in `data/everyday_uncertainty_terms.csv` * The data for the re-analysis of Biehl & Halpern-Felsher (2001) is located in `data/Biel_Halpern-Felsher_2001_means_sd_Table1.csv`. The file contains the means and standard deviations reported in their Table 1. ### B: Analyses, code, and plots * Code for reproducing all analyses and plots of the behavioral data is in `everyday_uncertainty_terms.Rmd`, which provides a step-by-step guide of all analyses and plots. The R Markdown file loads the data and conducts the analyses, rendering results in `everyday_uncertainty_terms.html`. * There are also separate R files with code for running all analyses and generating plots, which can be found in directory`/plots`: * `data_preprocessing.R`is a helper function that reads and re-formats the raw data; returns a data frame with all relevant data for the analyses * `behavioral_analysis.R` contains code for analyzing the behavioral data * `density_plots.R` generates densities of fitted Beta distributions and plots them. * `analysis Biehl et al 2001.R` conducts an analysis of the data reported in Biehl, M., & Halpern-Felsher, B. L. (2001). Adolescents’ and adults’ understanding of probability expressions. *Journal of Adolescent Health*, *28*(1), 30-35. ### C. Paper - The full manuscript, including appendices and supplement materials, is labeled `Developmental_trajectories_in_the_understanding_of_everyday_uncertainty_terms.pdf`; also available at [1]: