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**Conversations with GUIs** Authors: Kashyap Todi, Luis A. Leiva, Daniel Buschek, Pin Tian, Antti Oulasvirta In this repository, you can find survey material and the resulting dataset from our ACM DIS 2021 paper titled "Conversations with GUIs". The survey was conducted on SurveyMonkey. A **print-version of the questionnaire** is available as PDF. In addition, the **introductory illustration** provided to participants is also available as a GIF. The **resulting coded dataset** is provided as a CSV sheet. The details of this dataset are follows: - The dataset contains *queries* posed by users from three different *user groups* (end-users, designers, developers). - During the survey, three different *scenarios* were provided as stimulus during query elicitation: a single GUI screenshot, five screenshots from a single app, and 25 screenshots from the entire dataset. - Each query is coded by a *query scope* that specifies whether it pertains to an individual GUI, to an app, or to the dataset. - The *query purpose* indicates how a response for the query might serve the user's needs (e.g. filter, find, execute, explain, inform, or suggest). - The *response format* indicates the expected format in which the response is provided (e.g. textual, image, numeric, binary). - The *information features* indicate some of the features of the GUI dataset that the query references. Full details about this survey and coded dataset can be found in our paper at:
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