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4-24-2018 The attached zip file contains supplemental materials (model estimation procedures, R code, raw data) associated with the following papers: Cho, S.-J., Brown-Schmidt, S., & Lee, W.-Y. (2018). Autoregressive generalized linear mixed effect models with crossed random effects: an application to intensive binary time-series eye tracking data. Psychometrika. Ryskin, R. A., Benjamin, A. S., Tullis, J., & Brown-Schmidt, S. (2015). Perspective-taking in comprehension, production, and memory: An individual differences approach. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144(5), 898. The data are provided here for re-analysis purposes only. Please do not re-post the data. If you publish a new analysis of the data, please cite the original report of the experimental findings (Ryskin, et al., 2015). If you use the model presented by Cho, et al. (2018), please cite that paper as well. Please send us a copy of your paper (;;, as we’d love to read it. Materials in this file are copyrighted (c) Sarah Brown-Schmidt and (c) Sun Joo Cho, 2018.