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Publication at Cognition and Emotion: Note on glitch in Experiment 1 (which was corrected in Experiment 2): > In a workshop I gave on 26/09/2023 I used the Qualtrics survey from > the materials from the replication article, and asked the students to > add extensions. > > Credit: Found and raised by Team "Grey": Imogen YIH; Wing Sze > (Rachelle) LI; Jade TIN; Kwan Lok (Kelvin) TANG; Wing Yee (Sandy) > CHENG. > > They found that in the first run of the replication, in two of the > three conditions - the last reminder on the third page of the > extension, actually does not reflect the right condition, but rather > the reminder just repeats the routine condition. > > Since this is the last screen, it relates only to the extension DV > appearing at the end. > > In that article we reran that specific experiment a second time, where > the issue was addressed and without comprehension checks. The results > are nearly identical across the first and the second run, so it seems > that participants in the first run just did not pay attention to this > glitched reminder. This did not seem to severely impact the results or > conclusions, so I categorized it as "minor". It's possible that the > strong comprehension checks helped with this being ignored. > > There is a clear indication that participants did not pay much > attention to this oversight, because we were able to see a clear > effect for regret, and results were nearly identical to the second > corrected run. > > It is possible that the effect would have been bigger if the reminder > would have been correct, though we find no indication for that in the > second run. > > 5USD (~40HKD) have been rewarded to each of the team members for > finding and alerting me to this mistake. Overall 200HKD for the 5 > members. > > I added an updated Qualtrics to the OSF with the issue corrected, so > that others building on our work would hopefully not be affected, and > updated the project OSF WIKI.
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