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**Script to check Voice Onset Times from Chronset using Praat** + Manual **Chronset** is "An Automated Tool for Detecting Speech Onset" by Frédéric Roux, Blair C. Armstrong & Manuel Carreiras:\ **Praat** is a speech analysis software by Paul Boersma and David Weenink: The Chronset output file includes a Voice Onset Time (VOT) for each uploaded audiofile.\ In order to check whether these VOTs are correctly detected, and whether the response given by the participant was correct, I wrote a Praat script that takes you smoothly through his process. Note that this is not an automated script! You have to work your way through each file to check each VOT and response. However, this script is meant to really speed up this process.\ The final, corrected VOTs along with the (alternative) responses or errors are saved in a csv-file. Thanks to Annika Just and Roger Hauber for writing the manual that goes along with the script!