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Below are copies of the **Cardiff Anomalous Perceptions Scale** (CAPS), a 32 item scale for measuring hallucinations and perceptual anomalies, that includes subscales for measuring distress, intrusiveness and frequency. The scale has been released freely under an open license so you do not need permission to use it. Please download and use it as you see fit. To score the scale simply add up the total number of questions answered with 'yes' (which gives the CAPS Total Score) and each of the subscale items, giving total scores for each of the three subscales (CAPS Distress, CAPS Intrusiveness, and CAPS Frequency). To cite the scale, the original validation study is: > Bell V, Halligan PW, Ellis HD (2006) The Cardiff Anomalous Perceptions > Scale (CAPS): A new validated measure of anomalous perceptual > experience. *Schizophrenia Bulletin*, 32 (2), 366-77. doi: > 10.1093/schbul/sbj014 ...which you can read freely online at the following [link][1]. Not to be confused with the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale, also known as the CAPS. [1]: