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## **Data Management Plan** ## #### **This is a space dedicated to your data management plan (DMP) and any related data management materials.** #### This is an important part of doing quality research because it is the place where you plan how to manage all of the materials that you plan to use and/or create both in your current activities and in the future. Many funding agencies such as the NSF, NASA, and the USGS require grant applicants to submit plans for management and sharing and you will want to make sure that you follow through on any activities you propose in the plan. We suggest keeping proposal DMPs here for reference. By keeping your DMP with the experiment itself, you can easily refer to it and share it with others as you need. The data management services team has developed some **helpful materials** for getting started:<br> **<a href="">Write a Data Management or Sharing Plan</a>.**<br> This page on our website provides several relevant items to help you write a data management plan including a <a href="">questionnaire</a>. We also have an **online training session** that you can take:<br> **<a href="">Preparing your Data Management Plan</a>** This is a self-guided, hour long training session with 10 modules that gives a complete overview of the important elements that should be included in any data management plan. To schedule a data management consultation with us, or for more detailed information about using the OSF interface, or to ask further questions about using the template as a Lab Notebook, please contact us at <a href=""></a> <br> Additionally OSF tutorials, instructions, and support contacts are available at <a href="">OSF Guides</a>.
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