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**Open Science is the road to the future. But what is it actually about? Why do policy makers stimulate the transition towards *Open Science*? What it is in it for me? And… How do I do it? These questions and others were answered at the Open Science Symposium on May 20th at the Faculty of Medicine (that is: the UMCU).** The Symposium was cohosted by *Open Science Community Utrecht* ([OSCU][1]) and *Young Science in Transition* ([YoungSiT][2]), two Utrecht-grown groups pushing for a change. The members of these grassroots initiatives believe Science is beautiful, and Science could and should be better; they help shape the Transition we see today in Utrecht. With 54 attendees the Symposium was exciting and a success - you can view the presentations and the Symposium in full via [this link][3]. As Ambassador to Open Science, I once again take the opportunity to thank the audience for engaging and the speakers for their great talks and contributions. The Symposium was also the kick-off for the 12-months *Open Science Roadshow* at the UMCU. During the next 12-months we will organize events that highlight a specific Open Science principle and its practice at the UMCU. Next on the agenda are the ongoing changes in recognition and rewards at the YoungSiT Symposium [Recognition and Rewards: Early Career Academics][4]. Other topics that will be covered are Open Education, how does the application of artificial intelligence relate to Open Science, what should you know when publishing data at the UMCU, and many more. The *Open Science Roadshow* will help you get it right, while you have the time. Take a look at the (wo)man in the mirror and make that change. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: