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<p>We obtain a measure of party position from a scaling of ideology tags supplied in infoboxes on political parties' Wikipedia pages:</p> <h1></h1> <p>![Infobox in the Wikipedia entry for La République En Marche! and associated tags](<a href="https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/evxn6/providers/osfstorage/5cc2e3b29ed8fe001645dec6?mode=render" rel="nofollow">https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/evxn6/providers/osfstorage/5cc2e3b29ed8fe001645dec6?mode=render</a> =50%x)</p> <h1></h1> <p>We find that the recovered scale can be interpreted in familiar terms of "left vs. right":</p> <p><img alt="Response curves for ideology tags, estimated intervals for lr-position tags, and estimated party positions (indicated by tick marks) from a joint scaling of ideology and lr-position tags; 2,147 parties and 35 tags" src="https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/evxn6/providers/osfstorage/5d205cbcfe43a10017233f92?mode=render"></p> <p>Estimated party positions correlate well with ratings of parties' left-right positions from extant large-scale expert surveys:</p> <p><img alt="Comparison of party position estimates to expert ratings from the Democratic Accountability and Linkages Project and from the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey; N = 434 and N = 247" src="https://files.osf.io/v1/resources/evxn6/providers/osfstorage/5d205db2fe43a1001624119b?mode=render"></p>
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