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## Repository for "Development of directed and random exploration in children" This repository contains the data, code, and analyses for "Development of directed and random exploration in children" ### A: Data - The behavioral data of all participants is located in `data/ykwg_data.csv` - The behavioral data for the bonus round is located in `data/ykwg_data_bonusround.csv` - The data for the model comparisons, including the predictive accuracy of each model and individual participant parameter estimates, are located in `data/modelFit.csv`. For details on the considered models, see Supplement A in the paper. - The GP-UCB model predictions for the bonus round (expected reward and asociated uncertainty of unknown tiles) are located in `data/modelPredictionsBonusRound.csv`. See Appendix B for details. ### B: Analyses All analyses are described in two *R* notebooks, which provide step-by-step guides of all analyses and plots. - Code for reproducing all analyses and plots of the behavioral data are in `ykwg_behavioral_results.Rmd`. This R Markdown file loads the data and conducts the analyses, rendering `ykwg_behavioral_results.html` - Code for the model-based analyes are in `ykwg_model_results.Rmd`, which renders `ykwg_model_results.html` - The folder `brm` contains the reported Bayesian regression models, performed via [Stan]( and accessed through *R*-package [brms]( ### C. Paper - The full manuscript, including appendices and supplement materials, is labeled `directed_random_exploration.pdf` .