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This is the course page for the ESSLLI 2019 introductory course '*Open Science: A hands-on primer*'. The component '*Presentations*' contains a presentation for each of the 5 course days. The component '*Demo R and R Markdown*' contains the materials used on day 4 of the course: a data file and accompanying R script that allows course participants to explore some of the basic R and R Markdown features. The component '*Replication study*' contains the materials used on day 5 of the course: stimulus materials, procedure, data, and analyses for a preregistered replication of Cummins, Sauerland, and Solt (2012) that was conducted during the course to familiarize participants with several of the responsible research practices that were discussed. Cummins, C., Sauerland, U., & Solt, S. (2012). Granularity and scalar implicature in numerical expressions. *Linguistics and Philosophy, 35*, 135-169.