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This OSF project contains data, materials, and analysis code for our project on Xbox gaming and wellbeing. Please reach out with any questions or concerns to Nick Ballou ( ### Reproducing Results To reproduce results, you should download the entire directory, then open the XboxPlaytime.Rproj file. This should: 1. Set your working directory to the base directory of the downloaded folder 2. Run `renv::restore()` to download the correct version of the libraries used in the project ### Key components of the project ---------- **Materials**, a folder containing the resources used to run the study. This includes: - [questionnaireItems.docx][1], a summary of the questionnaire items administered throughout the study - [Stage 1 Registration.docx][2], a copy of the accepted Stage 1 Registered Report manuscript (serving as a preregistration) - [codebook.xlsx][3], an Excel file describing each of the variables in the data (i.e., columns of [dataFinalWithImputation.csv][4]), including both the raw questionnaire items, their source, and their scale format, and a description of how derived/transformed variables were calculated ---------- **AnalysisScriptsAndOutputs**, a folder containing the code used for both the main data analysis (currently used on pilot data, but the same script will be used for the main study) and the power analysis simulation. Included files are: - [0_mainAnalysis.R][5], the main analysis script generating the results found in the manuscript - [1_helperFunctions.R][6], a file containing several custom functions used in the analysis and simulation - [2_processSessions][7], a script that takes the raw telemetry data (Data/telemetryRaw.csv) and processes it into a list of individual play sessions for each participant, stored as Data/sessions.rds - [3_prepForAnalysis.R][8], a script that cleans the survey data and generates all of the transformed and derived variables needed by 0_mainAnalysis.R ---------- **Data**, a folder containing: - [dataFinalWithImputation.csv][9], the final clean dataset used in 0_mainAnalysis after both processing sessions and cleaning survey data - [dataFinalNoImputation.csv][10], the same as previous but without missing data having been imputed - [sessions.rds][11], a dataframe with two columns: the participant ID, and a dataframe-column with that participant's full play history - [surveysWide.csv][12], the survey data from all 6 survey waves in wide format - [promisTscores.csv][13], a file with the PROMIS depression scores as generated with item-level calibrations by, which is later merged with the survey data ---------- **TrackerScripts**, a folder containing the python scripts used to log playtime data on both the Xbox website and Android app, alongside some basic instructions for how to use those scripts on your own machine ---------- [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]:
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