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Original questionnaire files have been uploaded as .qsf, .docx, and .pdf files. QSF files are proprietary Qualtrics files. Qualtrics accounts can be registered for free, and instructions to import .qsf files may be found here: Datafiles have been uploaded as .csv and .xlss files. The main datafiles (NegativeLifeExp_Data) have been revised in two ways. First, the .xlsx file now contains an additional sheet listing the items of the scales used in this study. These are also available as Scale Items.csv. Second, in the CONSENT column, 7 has been recoded as 6. The numbers (in v. 1, 1 through 7, skipping 6; in v. 2, 1 through 6) refer to the six required items on the consent form. The last item was mistakenly coded and exported as 7 in Qualtrics, so we recoded it to avoid user confusion. The numbering of the items does not appear to the participants; it is merely the way in which the responses were labeled.