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<h2>Description</h2> On this page, you find all files and documents associated with this study (including the analysis script (R code), a reproducible version of the manuscript, and the online supplementary material). <h2>Files and documents</h2> You can use the following files to reproduce all analyses reported in the paper as well as additional analyses reported in the online supplement. You can also "recreate" the final manuscript and online supplementary material (OSM) based on back-end markdown files. - Analysis + analysis.r (Analysis script) + analsis.html (Analysis output) + multiple_imputation.r ( + figures (The figures presented in the paper) - Data + brms_objects (Includes the estimated Bayesian models; can be analyzed further) + items.csv (item formulations) + results.RData (contains all results from the analyses) - Bibliography + references.bib (a bibtex file containing all citations) + r-references.bib (a bibtex file containing references to all r-packages used) - Manuscript + manuscript.rmd (RMarkdown file to reproduce the manuscript) + manuscript.pdf (the final manuscript) - Online Supplementary Material + online_supplement.rmd (RMarkdown file to reproduce the online supplement) + online_supplement.pdf (the final online supplement; OSM) <h2>How to reproduce the analysis or the manuscripts</h2> Download all folders on this OSF page and place them in a single folder on your local hard drive. Open the R-Project (PrivacyExperiencesBayes.Rproj) and run the "manuscript.rmd" or the "online-supplement.rmd" respectively. The scripts used the results.RData file to produce the final PDS. If you want to rerun the analyses uncomment the respective code chunk in both files. The analyses will then be sourced automatically in both scripts. If you only want to rerun the analysis, simply "knit" the document "analysis.r". **Attention:** The current script loads the already estimated brms-objects. If you want to rerun the Bayesian estimations, you should run the code in the curly brackets (see analysis script for more information). Beware that this might take up to several hours (depending on the computer's computational power). <h2>Data statement</h2> To run the analyses, you need the full data set. However, the data are not published on this OSF page. Please download them from the official repository at [gesis datorium][1]. Simply put them into the folder "Data" on your local hard drive and all the procedures described above should work. [1]: