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The files contained in this project were used for the analyses in the article "Micro-structural foundations of network inequality: Evidence from a field experiment in professional networking", published in Social Networks. The data used in the paper were provided by Topi ( The code files contain R-scripts and they are ordered by numbers and letters. - logit_twoway_obs.R This file sources the following files: logit_twoway_2015-03-10_1201916.R, logit_twoway_2015-04-09_1254978.R, logit_twoway_2015-05-29_1182172.R, logit_twoway_2015-06-09_1187108.R, logit_twoway_2015-06-10_1391952.R, logit_twoway_2015-11-15_1706622.R, logit_twoway_2017-01-07_2363110.R, logit_twoway_2016-05-06_2037334.R, and coeff_plot_obs.R The code produces: Fig 2, Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, and Table 4. - logit_twoway_exp_rev_main.R This file sources the following file: logit_twoway_exp_rev_rep.R The code produces:Fig 3, Table 5, Table 6, Table 7 and Table 8.