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### Qualitative Research Preregistation (Haven & Van Grootel) ### **Scope and Background** Preregistration is the process of specifying project details, such as hypotheses, data collection procedures, and analytical decisions, prior to conducting a study. It is designed to make a clearer distinction between data-driven, exploratory work and a-priori, confirmatory work. Both modes of research are valuable, but are easy to unintentionally conflate. See the [Preregistration Revolution][1] for more background and recommendations. This project contains a template for creating your preregistration, introduced in this article by [Haven and Van Grootel][11]. The authors argued that preregistration can be useful in qualitative research too, but that the forms to preregister that are currently available on OSF would be subject to major modifications. This template is based on [Haven and Van Grootel][11]'s suggestions. The authors are currently conducting a Delphi study to attain consensus on items most relevant for preregistering qualitative research. In the meantime, this version is available to use. **Instructions for how to use this project** - **Step 1** [Fork][3] this project to make your own copy. - **Step 2** Download a copy of [this file][12], fill it out, and [upload][4] it to your new project. - **Step 3** [Register][8] this project using the "[OSF Standard Pre-data Collection][9]" form. - We recommend deleting these instructions from your wiki before registering your project. You can put some background material or the abstract in this space instead. - If you have any questions, please see our [support][10] resources. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: