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<p><strong>List of files in Analysis:</strong></p> <h3>1. Make Data Files</h3> <p><strong>mak_All.R</strong> - R script to create an aggregate wide-format data file (dat_All.dat) that contains all measures used in reported analyses. This includes startle potentiation, baseline startle reactivity, and all individual difference self-report scale scores.</p> <h3>2. Analysis Files</h3> <p><strong>ana_PANAS.R</strong> - R script to produce all analyses of PANAS self-report data reported in footnote 4.</p> <p><strong>ana_STL.R</strong> - R script to produce main analyses of Group X Condition (Unpredictable/Early vs. Predictable) for Startle potentiation overall and secondary Group X Time (Unpredictable Early vs. Unpredictable Late) for unpredictable stressors.</p> <p><strong>ana_Table1.R</strong> - R script provides descriptives and tests of Group effects for all variables reported in Table 1, and internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha) for self-report measures reported in note below Table 1.</p> <p><strong>ana_Table2.R</strong> - R script provides descriptives and tests of Group effects for all variables reported in Table 2.</p> <h3>3. Case Analysis and Checking Files</h3> <p><strong>cas_STLCaseAnalyses.R</strong> - R script conducts case analysis of main startle models. Identifies one model outlier.</p> <p><strong>chk_Order.R</strong> - R script to produce robustness analyses to examine order effects in the difference score model.</p> <p><strong>chk_Robustness.R</strong> - R script to check various alternative analytic approaches to confirm reported Group X Stressor Type effect is robust.</p> <p><strong>chk_STL_Covariates.R</strong> - R script to evaluate demographics and affect measures as potential covariates. Covariates evaluated in model that contains GSR and Order but not Group.</p> <p><strong>chk_STL_InternalConsistency.R</strong> - R script to check split-half reliability analysis of raw startle and startle potentiation reported in footnote 2.</p> <h3>4. Figure Files</h3> <p><strong>fig_Figure1(STL).R</strong> - R script to produce Figure 1 (Startle Potentiation by Group and Stressor Type)</p> <p><strong>fig_Figure2(Moderators)_DataPointsRaw1.R</strong> - R script to produce Figure2 (Individual Differences for Unpredictable (vs. Predictable) Startle Potentiation among Alcoholics).</p>
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