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**Original citation.** Janssen, N., Alario, F.X., & Caramazza, A. (2008). A word-order constraint on phonological activation. *Psychological Science, 19*(3), 216-220. **Target of replication.** Janssen et al. propose that word order constraints modulate the activation of phonological representations and that there will be a phonological congruency effect in object naming, but not in color naming for English speakers. We seek to replicate the effect of congruency on object naming, t(14) = 3.2, p=0.0064. **A priori replication criteria.** A successful replication would find a significant difference in naming times in the object naming task, with shorter reaction times for congruent trials than incongruent trials. No differences were expected for color naming task. We planned to test this by performing within-subjects t-tests on reaction times and error rates from congruent and incongruent trials for object and color naming. **Confirmatory Analyses.** The results of this experiment failed to replicate Janssen et al (2008), Experiment 2. In both tasks, we found that naming was numerically faster in congruent compared to incongruent trials, however these differences did not reach statistical significance, colour naming task: t1 (11) = 1.6, p = .149, dz = .45, object naming task: t1 (11) = 1.9, p = .09, dz = .54.