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**Original citation.** Alvarez, G.A. & Oliva, A. (2008). The representation of simple ensemble visual features outside the focus of attention. *Psychological Science, 19*(4), 392-398. **Target of replication.** We seek to replicate the authors' finding that reporting error on the location of missing distractors items would be less when the targets were spatially distinct. They suggested that (p. 396) “error was [not] below the empirical chance estimate for [individual] distractors, t<1” but “centroid localization was better than chance for … distractors, t(7) = 2.76, p = .028.” **A priori replication criteria.** We planned to run a t-test to replicate the analysis that found centroid localization was better than chance for distractors. To determine chance level, we will use the average error degrees for centroid tests during the guessing phase. Participants, as in the original study, will be required to be between 18 and 35 years of age.