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An open database for stimuli & measures - SIPS 2017

  1. Sarah Brookhart
  2. Eric Moran
  3. Ed Yong
  4. Edouard Machery
  5. Ash Gillis
  6. Jilana Boston
  7. Iqra Liaqat
  8. Jon Helm
  9. Lucretia Fairchild
  10. Kanika Shirole

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Open Materials Hackathon This is a collection of materials generated at SIPS 2017 for beginning to assemble a database of open materials (stimuli, instruments, etc.) that can support cumulative science, better norming and reuse of our stimuli, and identification of needs (e.g. materials for non-WEIRD populations, non-proprietary versions of common measures, etc.) At the hackathon, we'll be draftin...


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  • Stimulus Sets

    Examples of stimulus sets for the to-be-named stimulus discovery database

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